Weekend Update 4

Trains, Weekend Update

This week was pretty busy for me, and some of that was even modeling. I managed to get the rail and ties painted and the module sections went back together well. I was able to even run some trains across the track in a largely successful way. Things had gotten a little messy with my last minute wiring rush so the train room is in disarray as I take it apart, re-arrange, and clean.

As part of this cleaning I’m moving my projects from various boxes and totes to a more visible shelf. This is one part re-organizing and one part keeping them visible as reminders to work on them. To help with the visibility these are also being added to the projects page as additional visibility. I also plan to add links to posts as I start working on them to help keep track how long I’m letting things sit. As an example I noticed with my little bridge mini module that I blogged about it around Christmas 2011 and didn’t do a single thing with it until 2 years later, almost to the day.

I’m also going through my old posts and cleaning up posts that don’t really add value either because the information is no longer relevant to my interests or because it’s just plain not relevant so if you notice changes that’s what’s happening

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