Figuring out operations


When I started out this module re-construction I had an idea of how I wanted to run operations on it. Specifically I wanted to make sure that I could operate it without any additional modules under the head of I needed something to run trains if I never made it to a free-mo setup again. Longer run I plan to solve this with a shelf layout I’ve got marinating in my head but that’s another post for another day.

Free-mo Redo2

This is the layout of the track work, trains are staged on the right (will probably do some sort of staging cassette) so the locomotive is on the correct side of the trains.

Siding 1 is a cement distributer, this is just extra cars and nothing complex for switching and will work one of four ways 1) incoming cars are just drop if there are none 2) cars will all be picked up if there are no incoming 3) existing cars will be replaced with incoming or 4) remain untouched. This siding will only ever receive the small cement hoppers and can fit approximately 3 of them.

Sidings 2 and 3 are a single industry that will receive general freight. I’m still working on the back story but expect the possibility of boxcars, flat cars, gondolas, etc. These sidings were designed to support a 50′ car size and I had intended to support 3 cars each. However they are too close near the switch so it’s realistically just 2 each. This was a slight disappointment but ended up being not that bad because the main on either side of the points wouldn’t support longer trains. With this in mind I thought 3 cars was probably the most I’d want to be in these sidings at the end of any operation session.

I started a test operation run with a smaller locomotive that was handy (that ended up being terrible at low speed) and a full replacement run of three cement hoppers in the staged train and siding 1, and 3 boxcars in the staged train and between sidings 2 and 3.

This uncovered some issues, first it uncovered some out of gauge wheels and paint on track I hadn’t already gotten cleaned off. Then I discovered that there wasn’t enough space to the right of the points to support switching out all the cars. I ended up having one boxcar stuck in front of the departing cars because I couldn’t shove them far enough to the right.

I see there being two options to fix this 1) use my Raging River mini module to give a little more switching room or 2) reduce the maximum number of cars in the train. I’m torn on both solutions but I think I’ll do some playing with either configuration to see what works best for me.

Additionally with my GP9, which is shorter than all of my running locomotives, and the staged six cars just barely fit between the points and the left end of track. This doesn’t seem to be as big of a problem as I shouldn’t need to pull that many cars that far and one of my projects is a Proto SW1 that is geared really low that needs a decoder and a custom paint job. I might have to move up the decoder in the project list.

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