Weekend Update 5

Trains, Weekend Update

What seems to be a recurring themes in the weekend update series is improving my blog. This week I updated my blog roll and added a list of links the top podcasts I listen to. First a little layout update, I was able to do part of a test run with my SW1 switcher. It still needs a decoder but it was running really well at low speeds. I’ve had a number of wheel gauge related derailments. It’s always wheelsets that are at least a little bit out of gauge but I suspect things are still a little tight and will need some tweaking.



The ones I have listed are the top 3 model railroad podcasts I’m listening to right now (ordered alphabetically unless you are Lionel Strang, then it’s by quality). All of these podcasts have a vibrant Facebook groups and I would definitely recommend checking them out.

  1. A ModelersLife — This is a podcast by Lionel Strang (of Model Railroader fame) and Jim Rindt (of Rindt’s Relics). This podcast focus more on the modeler than modeling itself, it’s quite fun and interesting
  2. Model Rail Radio — Model Rail Radio has been around for a few years run by Tom Barbalet that always has good discussions and great characters
  3. Model Railcast Show — The Model Railcast Show was started by Ryan Anderson and was one of the early modeling podcasts. Sadly Ryan recently passed away from cancer and Tim Harrison and Craig Bisgeier have done a great job carrying it on in his absence and honor.


The blog roll is pretty huge and I certainly won’t describe them all but I will call out a couple that are really inspiring me right now.

  • Malcolm Johnson’s N-Rail — I like this one because he’s got a Japanese themed N-scale layout which is very cool.
  • Lance Mindheim — Fortunately Lance has updated his site to have an RSS feed so it’s easier to follow. He always has great insights and as I’m planning a shelf layout inspired by his current LAJ project
  • Trevor Marshall’s Port Rowan in 1:64 — Trevor is an incredible modeler and his S-scale layout is no exception

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