Weekend Update 6

Trains, Weekend Update

Things are still busy but there is a hint of fall popping up in the air, not to say it’s here but cool mornings and leaves starting to turn a little bit is starting to set the mood. That said I’ve been able to put a little time into doing test operations and things have been improving, the pile of cars that need wheels re-gauged isn’t growing as much and I can see before long I’ll be able to setup a short operating session for myself.

Hidden Blessings

A great post from Lance Mindheim popped up Saturday about hidden blessings. The takeaway for me was not having the time, space, or money to go big time in the hobby is a hidden blessing because it forces me to become a better modeler. I had been coming closer to this realization for a while myself so it’s cool to see some confirmation. It is still hard to see all of these wonderful models you can buy and turn around and build something that won’t be as nice (at least until one builds up the skills)

The Hidden Blessings Of Constraints – Lance Mindheim

More Test Runs

One of my ideas to fix a switching deficiency was to put up my Raging River mini module to give a little more room. I did that this evening to great success.


It solved the problem of not having enough room to put outgoing cars, it’s not an ideal solution to this task (it was designed to be between two modules, preferably mini-mos) but for now it’s handing the job admirably. I think the eventual solution will be to build a small regular module to take that space. If I go 2 ft I’ve got a little more room to work with than Raging River and stay clear of the switch. If I make it a regular width module it’s better equipped to catch cars if they should derail and can be used as a general filler module at shows.


Selling Projects to Fund Projects

I was invited to a Facebook group called HO Model Railroad Yard Sale, the intent being a place for people not dealers to buy and sell things. I’m not doing much buying right now but it did get me thinking. Some of the projects sitting in my pile of projects have been sitting there a real long time, and some of them are just “I thought it’d be neat” but I really don’t need it for anything and it doesn’t really fit the theme at all. Rather than sitting on them and doing nothing why not sell them. I also have some parts laying around I don’t need that would be great to turn into cash for parts I do need.

If you are interested in any of these items leave a comment and I’ll get in touch with you.

Brass RDC 1


This one has been sitting around for a while, and was actually something I got in a trade. The plan when I made the trade was to do it up as the DM&IR’s RDC but after getting it and doing more research the differences between an RDC-1 (what this is) and an RDC-3 (what the DM&IR had) were to much for me to want to try that. It’s a very nice model but I don’t really have any motivation to do anything with it

Athearn BB Rotary snow plow


This one has been around a really long time. I’ve had it longer than I’ve had most of my kids. It’s mostly assembled and the only thing that doesn’t work from stock is the rotation of the blade while moving. They were rubber band powered and that has long since disappeared.

4 Tortoise switch machines


I had a use for these at one point but with the module re-build I just don’t anymore. Nothing wrong with them just don’t need them anymore.

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