Kato Cement Hoppers


DSC_0235 (2)

I have three of these really nice GN cement hoppers (in the picture three of the one on the far left. I got them as a kit, made by Kato, as a set of three and they were great fun to build and the right mixture of challenging but not too frustrating. In fact if I were to run across them again I wouldn’t hesitate to snatch them up.

They also run fairly well, though a recent check found almost every wheelset slightly out of gauge. I have just one peeve, the brackets around the hatches don’t like to stay down and it’s something you notice when you pick it up or look closely.

A prime example:

Curse you little bracket!!!!!

Curse you little bracket!!!!!

I’ve currently got the wheels and trucks off these for painting/weathering so I’ve taken the opportunity to glue them down well.

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