Boxcar Improvements

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I have a couple of Accurail boxcars that I built from kits from early in my hobby that while nothing special are still pretty decent pieces. However as I learned more about railroad history they kind of fell out of favor since their roof walks dated them before my era. Incidentally they are from a phase I went through where I was collecting a boxcar for each railroad that was taken over by the UP. This is as far as I got.


As I was digging through my parts/project box the other day I found them and decided to take a stab at updating them to a more modern era by removing their roofwalks. I figure worse case scenario I start with broken cars and end up with unusable salvage attempts. Best case scenario I get some more operable boxcars. As you can see from the picture they are already in a bit of a sorry state, wheels, couplers, and sometimes trucks were given homes on other more modern pieces.


It appears the MKT box is going to be a little bit more work because of the larger holes and molding around them. As the CNW is a little more local and I have friends that model it I’m starting with that one.


After I the holes plugged the next step is going to be broken stirrup steps (get it, next step is steps 🙂 ) as two of them are missing one or more.


3 thoughts on “Boxcar Improvements

    1. Yes, as I finish them my plan is to weather them. The next step for the CNW boxcar is to replace broken stirrup steps and repaint the ends black as the prototype did.

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