Weekend Update 9

Trains, Weekend Update

It’s been a busier than usual week for me so I’ve got a couple things going but haven’t had much time to write up posts on them so this is kind of a summary of what I’ve done and provides a little bit of a hint at whats coming.

Right after I received my new airbrush I ordered what I guessed was the correct adapter (of course none of the documentation actually list what size it is) but I received this little guy today which will get me hooked up to my air compressor (it’s a 1/4″ to 1/8″ for those interested


I started looking for pictures of my boxcar update project and found some interesting pictures and got some good information from my friend and CNW expert Mike but I’ll detail that in a future post.


I picked up some supplies (on sale and rebate at Menards this weekend) to finish the ceiling in the train room. I started this project a long time ago so it’ll be nice to finally get around to finishing it.

While most of my active train projects were waiting for airbrushing I started working on my jordan spreader project. In part it’s Trevor Marshall’s fault with his “S” is for “Someday Spreader” post. I’m not doing a total assembly at this point since I’m going to be repainting it. I’m just assembling different sub assemblies so it’ll be easier to paint. Expect a post on this coming up soon as well.

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