Weekend Update 10

Trains, Weekend Update

This has been an interesting week for my hobby. I started out the week by finishing the ceiling and ended the week by turning it into a homeschooling room. I still get a small corner of it but most of it is becoming classroom. The current homeschooling room will be turned into a bedroom. My oldest and middle child have been sharing a room but getting the middle child to sleep has been difficult and it’s causing the oldest to stay up much later than he should do.

The net result for me is a big shrink of footprint which is kind of a bummer but I’ll just have to buckle down and use the smaller space to increase my focus on smaller projects and finishing up some projects so there are fewer going at one time to reduce the clutter a little bit.

My reorganizing has turned up a number of surprises, I’ve found a number of wheelsets (enough for 7 or 8 cars) and metal couplers. No doubt these are off old projects or something similar but they will be put to good use. I also uncovered some old projects with mix reviews (some I’m happy with their current state, some not so much) that will certainly become future blogging topics.

Hopefully next week will include a little more modeling and a little less model packing đŸ™‚

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