Weekend Update 11

Trains, Weekend Update

I almost forgot to do this one, it’s been a busy week so I don’t have much actual progress. I started documenting my shelf layout idea and there is a lot more to come on that subject, just need time to write it all up.

I made it to Scale Model Supplies today for some scale model supplies (see what I did there?)


The wheelsets I really got for the metal wheels not the trucks themselves as I only needed one set of 36″ wheels for a difco side dump and just wheelsets came in packs of 12 for quite a bit more. The paint is for weathering, and the stirrup steps are for specific projects but the brass grab irons aren’t necessarily planned for anything yet. I figured while I was at the store I should pick some up and find a good practice model to try upgrading.

I also picked up the November issue of Model Railroader (yes, it is only October 3rd… felt a little weird purchasing a November issue). I have only flipped through part of it so far, this issue was of particular interest as I’ve heard Marty McGuirk mention his fall modeling article on a couple podcasts and it is in this issue.

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