Some weathered wheelsets


I’ve had a bunch of wheelsets on my workbench for quite a while, I had started them when I realized my airbrush was broken and you can’t exactly brush matte varnish on to something you’ve weathered with powders so they were waiting for an airbrush, then an adapter for my compressor, and finally time.


Today was that time, the matte varnish seems to bring out the darker red powders and mute the orange and yellow a little bit but over all I like it better than stock or the rust pen I had tried earlier.

Since I finished these up pretty quickly I decided to paint and weather the truck frames for the jordan spreader kit I’m working on and my Difco Sidedump cars I had recently been working on as well.



MW 243 will eventually be re-lettered as a DMIR side dump and all but one of the side dump is missing grab irons on the end but they are a little bit different than standard grabs so I’ll have to make them.

All of these cars need to be weathered, I just started with the trucks as an economy of time (do the same thing over and over on a bunch of cars before moving to the next step) and something that would be easy to recover if it all went wrong.

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