Weekend Update 13

Trains, Weekend Update

It feels like it’s been about 4 weeks since I last posted, in large part because it has been. Not much has happened since my last post either, other than the dust and pile of non-train items on my modules has deepened considerably as I really haven’t had the time to do anything.

I did, however, have an ops session at my friend Mike’s layout. This time I took pictures.  He models CNW in the Twin Cities just before the UP merger but last night some Missabe power was on loan (as I brought it with me).


DMIR 210 and EMDX 9003 in South Saint Paul yard (SSP)


EMDX 9003 is actually mine as well but has been running on Mike’s for a while. A combination of me not having anywhere to run it and leaving it behind at a previous operating session. As I was going to be switching East Minneapolis (the upper deck) and that involves a long steep grade the pair were consisted together.


Heading out on Main 1


Passing the 400 Club at West Mendota


Approaching the bridge (not sure what this area is called)


This is my last picture of the night, shortly after this my train went into a long behind the view block route to the upper deck and from there I was too busy switching to take any more pictures.

On the way back I encountered an odd sound coming from 9003 and discovered the fuel tank shell had come loose and was dragging along the track (which was an unexpected find). Overall it was a good and fun night at a great layout (my pictures really do not do it justice)

2 thoughts on “Weekend Update 13

    1. Short answer: Kind of

      Longer answer: Yes but generic enough that I could swap things out and conceivably model another railroad (like UP, BNSF, etc). Location is generic northern Minnesota like Duluth. One of my big modeling inspirations was from a large club layout that had Christmas open houses as a kid and they had built an ore dock and mine and the little maroon ore cars always stuck with me but ore docks and ore mines are HUGE even in 1:87th scale so I have to do more general freight which is a very small part of modern Missabe traffic (and why it’d be so easy for it to become UP, BNSF, CP, or CN).

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