Shelf Layout Started… sort of


I was at the Albert Lea train show this weekend with a little modeling money burning a whole in my pocket. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on your perspective) I didn’t find anything I just had to have. I was accompanied by my middle child Jacob for a little Daddy/Jakey time. Before we left I found a nice souvenir:

WP_20151205_15_52_11_Pro_LI (2)

While there I caught up with a friend from a previous Free-mo setup and had an interesting conversation that actually prompted some action on my part on the shelf layout. I don’t want to rehash the whole thing but after what should have been a minor difference in opinions between the friend and another free-mo modeler resulted in my friend being “kicked out” of free-mo with the threat that she would be prevented from being involved in any free-mo setup in the Midwest.

The friend has modified her modules to work with another group’s setup and is having fun but story really rankles me and seems to go against the free-mo spirit…. and the fact that this is a hobby.

I had already been on the fence based on the space they take at home and experiences I’ve had at setups (being blamed for electrical issues on other modules that demonstrably weren’t caused by my modules or having “free-mo” participants who don’t seem to have modules and don’t help with setup or takedown come and fill the layout with trains).

So with a hobby money in my pocket I decided to head to Menards instead and got some shelving brackets which will hold my planned shelf layout. I’m not sure what I’ll do with my free-mo module for now, I might set it aside for a while and maybe come back to them in the future unless I can find a better use for the benchwork or lumber… or I can’t find a good place to store them and am forced to get rid of them.

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