Shelf Building


I had some time to start hanging shelving brackets the other day and got most of them done.


I need continue on the wall in the left of the picture, the shelves there aren’t what I’ll actually use as a base, they were on clearance at menards and will make good shelves for the mean time.

The shelves are, however, 12 inches deep which was what I was planning on doing for depth. I really like how it fits in the room especially over the knee wall… but the narrowness does seem like a challenge. I’ll be using these shelves to mock up to make sure my plans actually w0rk before starting any major work.

Update: Got the last two rails hung and the second wall is within 1/4″ height wise, close enough that couldn’t really just move them because the screw holes would be too close but I can shim things up without too much bother.


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