Speeder Shed Diorama


I’ve got the day off, most of my around the house projects done, and it’s snowing so good motivation to start working on a winter themed diorama. My Speeder Shed has always been a little favorite but I’ve never had anywhere to put it because it just doesn’t work in terms of era. I’ve had this idea to make a little diorama for it and since my next big project is going to be winter why not do a winter scene.

To start with a base I dug through my scrap wood pile and found this nice piece of Oak board.


This was left over from doing a knee-wall cap so it’s a nice Oak hardwood board (and was fairly expensive). My plan is to stain and varnish the edges to give it a quality feel.

As I’ve never done winter scenery I picked up a Woodland Scenics winter effects kit.


I’ll be using the bits in here pretty extensively, and comes with some nice directions on snow and ice (including icicles).


I’m going to have the track cross the board at an angle for a little more visual interest. I’m working on how a railroad employee would get there, a little minimum maintenance road and parking area and a couple of well-established (tall) snowy pine trees to tower along side the tracks (foreground left) and to the right and back of the shed.

My plan for the track is to do hand laid with Proto 87 spikes and tie plates.


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