Speeder Shed Foundation


Posed with some spare flex track and the extent of my 1/87 scale car collection (a Shelby Cobra)

I started gluing down roadbed for the track, I decide to use scrap cork to build the land form under the shed itself (so it’d be level and the right height). I plan to build up the foundation with some leftover turnout ties. This should bring the building up to the correct height so it’s right on top of the rails (there’s a short track perpendicular to the line that goes into the shed)

Most of the supplies I need are either already on hand or en route. I still need to find a speeder, a 50’s pickup (preferably Chevrolet, though the ’60 Ford 4×4 advertised in the Jan MRR would look nice too!), and some general details around the shed (tools, pile of tie plates, etc).

For the speeder I am tempted to try a Custom Finishing Models kit, I’ve had trouble in the past (lack of skill) but want to give it another shot on a simpler project.

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