Some New Year supplies


I’ve been slowly collecting supplies for my Speeder Shed diorama, I found some general supplies online (sculptamold, matte mod podge etc) and some other scenic pieces. Yesterday I took my middle child Jacob to Scale Model Supplies, in part to recover from New Years Eve and in part to just browse around.

I had been looking for a 1950s Chevy Pickup but have found that Ford is a way more licensed than Chevrolet and was disappointed that the closest I could find was Mini Metals 41/46 tow truck. It’s a nice model but a little older than I was looking for and as a tow truck would not really make sense as an employee’s vehicle as is.  Then as I was about to wrap things up found an unboxed  Busch (according to the bottom) 1950 Chevy pickup in a display case for only $6.


Given that I have the 50 now I might leave the tow truck as a commercial vehicle (it’s decaled for Mobile) perhaps delivering some petroleum supplies out to the shed. The 50 will need to either be repainted or at minimum have the Cornerstone Construction Co decal removed. The deciding factor will probably be if I can find a replacement Chevrolet hood ornament decal (or I mess up removing the decal) as I’d never be able to  mask it and I’d hate to lose it.


The 41/46 came with some unattached parts, one looks like side mirrors and the other looks like a license plate holder with a tail light but I’m not entirely sure.

I alsoound a set of Blair Line wood grade crossings and I’ve decided to use them as the decking around the track to the main and on the main itself for turning the speeder. It seems logical they’d build it the same way they built wood grade crossings.


Along with a couple trees a quick mockup. I’m still waiting on the track supplies and I need to make the general landform with scupltamold but as I’m fairly well stocked I just need to get to work 🙂

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