ScaleTrains Boxcar


Today I got the first of my pre-ordered boxcar kits.


My favorite part of these kits (and I really hope they continue making kits) is the price, $14 for this nice little boxcar



Assembly was a breeze but there were a couple points that I particularly appreciated:

  1. Metal wheels, I hate having to go out and buy new wheels for the new car I bought so this is very nice
  2. The car weight is screwed into place so I know the glue won’t dry out and break loose on a derailment and flop around
  3. No magnetic warm thing on the coupler, saves me the trouble of cutting it off!
  4. The care fits perfectly in the box after assembly


These are small things but really (in my opinion) are nice touches that sometimes are missed on more expensive models and this is their lower end line, I can’t imagine how spectacular the rivet counter or even museum quality models are!

6 thoughts on “ScaleTrains Boxcar

    1. I ordered it direct from them at, they are a very new company (I think mine was from the very first container of boxcars delivered from china) and I haven’t seen them offered anywhere else yet.

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