Precision Design Co Simple Switch Machine


I discovered PDC a while ago through A Modeler’s Life podcast and the laser cut joint bars stuck out as something to try on my Speeder Shed project as I was doing the highly detailed track. In the meantime the proprietor released a new product called the Simple Switch Machine which is a low profile manual switch machine. I liked the cut of it’s jib so to speak and decided I’d take a look at it for whenever I get around to building my shelf layout (and if I resurrect my free-mo modules I might switch to them as well).

Earlier this week I decided to order some joint bars to work on my diorama track (another post for another time) and ordered a switch machine as well to make an in person appraisal of it.

Top notches to PDC on ordering, I ordered Tuesday evening and by Wednesday morning I had a tracking number and it’s already sitting on my desk!

WP_20160205_15_43_29_Pro_LI (2).jpg

Taking it out of the envelope I was 1) impressed with the overall packaging and 2) wondering why it was attached to this big white piece that has a hole in it… and then I turned it over.

WP_20160205_15_43_40_Pro_LI (2).jpg


Definitely a fan of the clever solution, it was a pretty easy build and really my first laser cut kit. My wife remarked it kind of smelled like a campfire.

It has a nice smooth action but enough resistance to not flop around. I particularly appreciate the mounting slots allow for some adjustment which was one of my big problems with the tortoise switch machines… I’d get it installed and it’d just be a tiny bit off and I’d have trouble getting things calibrated just right.

I’ll definitely be using them for my shelf layout, the do everything I need them to do and the price is right. I hope the next post will cover some track work (which means I had time to actually work on it) as I have some tie plates and joint bars ready to be used.


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