Weekend Update 16

Trains, Weekend Update

I went to the WGH train show in St Paul this morning, it was my first train show that was big enough for the big vendors to show up (Athearn, Bachmann, Walthers, etc). It was a cool show but I think I prefer the smaller show… in small part because I don’t enjoy paying $10 for parking or $15/adult to get in.

WP_20160206_08_57_20_Pro_LI (3).jpg

I have very slowly been making progress on ties and tie plates… I’ve got one glued down. I had originally ordered a getting started kit which just had a single tie spacing jig. They call out specifically that it’s more for demonstration and if you want to dive into it to get one of their nicer jigs which I can totally get and very strongly considering before continuing.

I also realized that my kit came with a sampling of Proto 87 Stores joint bars which are etched metal but otherwise the same as what I just got from Precision Design Co. I’ll probably use both eventually but the PDC wood ones seem a little easier to work with (and I wanted to try out the simple switch machine).


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