Weekend Update 17

Trains, Weekend Update

Was invited over to another operating session at my friend Mike’s last night, I brought along my Scale Trains boxcar to show and it quickly had a car card and was soon delivering goods. Unfortunately I didn’t realize before hand that one of the coupler springs had found a way to freedom so it’s back in the car shop for a quick fix.

I also helped another friend Ted upgrade his DT402D throttle, he’d been having a bunch of weird issues and it turns out the firmware was way out of date and a quick upgrade (once I got my PR3 playing nicely with my laptop) seemed to solve the problem as it worked great the rest of the op session.

WP_20160213_11_18_05_Pro_LI (2)

I also started a new project post this week but I’m going to try a different way of doing it, I’m not going to publish it until the project is done. So instead of a post at each step spread out across weeks it’ll be one post start to finish.

WP_20160213_10_27_57_Pro_LI (2).jpg

Finally I got to work on some track today, I’ll have a separate post about my experiences soon but I got about 9″ of ties with tie plates on one side and started thinking about rail and how I’m going to fasten it down.

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