Photo light box


This started as a project to build a photo light box… it didn’t go well so I broke down and bought one on Amazon.

WP_20160225_14_59_31_Pro_LI (2).jpg

The advantage to the kit is it came with some lights (2 LED, 2 Halogen) and a couple of back drops (White, Black, Red, and Blue). This was also a nice picture as my wife is a bit of a photographer so she can make good use of it too. My intent was to take some practice pictures with my phone just to try it out but my lovely wife swooped in with her DSLR and took over. The subject is my card stock speeder shed and I managed to get one good shot with my phone on a black backdrop.

WP_20160225_15_03_49_Pro_LI (2)

The only downside so far is that it’s huge, it’s 24″ x 24″ which will certainly be handy for photos of bigger items but for this little bitty structure it was a little overkill… and I didn’t notice the tiny piece of white lint just in front of the door when I took the picture.

My plan for this is to use it for finshed project shots (and don’t tell my wife, I’ll probably be stealing her DSLR for the shots).


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