Weekend Update 19

Trains, Weekend Update

Another busy week and another week with not enough trains. My wife edited and sent me the best picture she got with her DSLR in my light box post from earlier.


Saturday was such a nice day, up to 57F I believe, so I was outside working on projects. Mostly I was working on household projects but while it was so nice I thought hey I’ll start a project that needs the airbrush. And right on cue the airbrush was struggling to put down some Vallejo acrylics (it could barely spray just water). It was behaving oddly and occasionally spitting so I suspect there is an adjustment issue so I’ll have to tear it down again and see if I can figure out what’s preventing a good siphon from being created.

WP_20160228_18_23_09_Pro_LI (2).jpg

Fortunately Vallejo is nice and thin so it goes down by brush fairly well. This is actually a primer. I started with just the piece in the back (it’s the deck of another flat car) but had a bunch of left over in my paint tray so I did my custom lumber car as well. I won’t describe that project anymore as I should have a full post on the project up in the next week or two (hopefully).

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