Cool Tutorial For Making Trees


I’ve been a fan of Luke Towan’s YouTube Channel for a little while (discovered through listening to A Modeler’s Life). His most recent video is making wire trees, you can find it here.

What I particularly like about this method is how awesome a bare tree would look in a winter scene so I intend to do that in the future.

Speaking of the future it will probably be a little slow for content for the next couple weeks. I’m going to a conference for work in California next week and at home I’m in the process of re-painting nearly all of the interior of my home (long story short, builder used really cheap crappy paint so I’m having to prime it too) which generally means any spare time (other than as I type this) involves masking tape, spackle, or paint.

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3 thoughts on “Cool Tutorial For Making Trees

  1. I hadn’t seen these tutorials before. What a neat channel. I’ve since watched a few and started working on trees again. Something in the way he presented this process just seemed to help make it click in my head.



    1. I’m very much a “by example” learner (there might be a name for this, if there I don’t know it) so seeing it done is very helpful. For the wire trees specifically there probably isn’t any number of words that could adequately describe how it’s done.

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