Brain Dump Post


This post is going to be a bit of a brain dump, and almost exists as a reminder to myself. The back story is I haven’t had much hobby time for trains lately, we are repainting most of the interior of our house which is time intensive itself. Compounding that was a bit of a ladder accident (was doing edge work about 12ft up on an extension ladder and the feet slipped out and I came crashing down on the ladder) which put out of just about all action for a while.

Then I had a business trip to a conference in San Franciso which I managed to make not all business. On one night I met up with a friend who happened to be in town (yes I flew more than 1,500 miles to meet up with a friend that lives about 15 miles away). Knowning San Fran a bit better than me we walked around the city and had a lot of good discussions including about trains in Minnesota. Another day I walked to the San Franciso Cable Car Museum which was a terrible walk (because of hills). It was quite interesting but the cable cars themselves are such popular tourist attractions they were always packed so I didn’t wait the incredibly long lines for a ride.

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On the last day of my trip (because of flight times) I had a nearly full free day so I walked to the painted ladies for my wife to take a picture (listening to A Modelers Life podcast).


And then walked to Chan’s Trains & Hobbies which was quite a bit of a walk. I was quite disappointed when I got there, the sign said open but it appears it was closing day as there was almost nothing in the store and the shelves themselves had price tags. The internet now says it’s closed. Kind of a disappointment but what are you gonna do.

Over this time Chris Mears posted some great posts that I’ve only been able to briefly look over but look very interesting and useful. One is some articles on Proto87, and another about using a modeling hand drills (which I’m not very good at right now).

Tom Gaisor of The Splitrock Mining Company (model railroad) has been scratch building flat cars and he has pointed me to where to get the plans so I’m going to try my hand at that (hopefully sooner than later). Tom is also the topic of the latest Modelers Life Podcast.

Speaking of flat cars, Chris over at The Model Railways of Oly Turner and Chris Matthews has done an incredible looking flatcar using AK Interactive paints to an incredible result.

I feel like there is a whole bunch of other stuff that’s slipped my mind but for now I’ll just end with this “huge” O scale layout at Playing Trains.


One thought on “Brain Dump Post

  1. Thanks for the pointer over the Oly Turner and Chris Matthews. I may have to check out AK Interactive myself as I also have struggled with making not-wood look like wood. Indeed, it is such a struggle, that I’ve pretty much decided not to try anymore, and just use wood!

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