On Simple Mistakes



I was painting some detail parts and realized I had a larger project that was going to be repainted in the same color so I did a little test paint in a hidden spot with what was in my paint cup just to see how it’d cover. The next day I came back and found it looked great and covered well. The next day as I was doing my second coat of paint on said details part I thought, hey this project has been sitting around a while. Let’s get something done and I start painting.

Raise your hand if you see where this is going (you didn’t have to really raise your hand, I can’t actually see you). As I was about quarter done I was noticing it was covering well for most but some lighter things weren’t covering as well. Nothing a second coat wouldn’t fix but I got to thinking… would it have been better if I’d primed it first. Having just finished a big painting project, and dealt with some wainscoting that really really didn’t want to hold paint I decided to check my test spot by running a finger nail across it and sure enough it came off at the lightest touch. So it was a quick trip to a sink to wash off all the new paint that hadn’t dried yet and a soft toothbrush (not used for tooth brushing) got all the dry stuff off. To quote Homer Simpson… DOH! I guess at least I hadn’t finished painting the model and discovered the mistake.


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