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This is a little bit of a brain dump post, but somewhat a little focused. I had intended this to be a quick summary of media that had gotten my attention recently but somehow it came out a little long and rambly.


I recently picked up an Amazon Fire tablet on sale, among simple tablet duties and eBooks I was hoping to use some pick up some of the model railroad apps, such as the Model Railroad Hobbyist app, that are only available on iOS or Android (I’m one of the few people with a Windows based phone). Getting it I was somewhat disappointed to discover the differences between Android app stores.

I did manage to get the Model Railroad Hobbyist app installed and was immediately disappointed. I had used this app before on an older Android tablet my wife had (now broken). It was kind of a piece of junk so I assumed the problems were with the device not the app. The problems I experienced were really slow load times and if you rotated the device at all it would reset itself and reload (slowly) and be back to page 1 (literally). I then discovered I didn’t need the app because the Kindle has a great PDF reader and all I had to do is download the PDF and read it that way. If you have a tablet and want to read MRH skip the app and just download the PDF!

I had mentioned in a previous post I had found the British magazine Model Rail in a bookstore and greatly enjoyed it. After poking around the Amazon apps supplied I found I could digitally subscribe to it through the Amazon Newstand app and a pretty low price (with a free 30 day trial). You can also subscribe to Model Railroader like this, and I may switch to it when my paper subscription ends.


I listen to a lot of model railroad podcasts, it keeps me energized for the hobby when I don’t have much time to work on the hobby. My favorite podcast right now is A Modelers Life (website) (facebook). The most recent regular episode features Andy Dorsch (episode link), who is a Facebook friend and models taconite which is a favorite of mine as well. You can find it on most podcasting apps and if not can get to it at

The Model Railway Show ended back in 2013 but I’ve been listening through the whole series again and discovering for a second time some of the great guests. People like Carl Arendt, Prof Kyzler, and Andy Reichert of Proto:87 stores. But what really caught my attention was when I realized that one of the guests is the same as a commenter on my own blog and author of one of (many) the very inspirational blogs René Gourley (unless there is more than one René Gourley doing Proto:87… then it might not be the same person 🙂 ). You can find the whole 52 episode series at if you’d like to take a listen.


I’m not a big youtube watcher, it just tends to not match my “TV watching” or my “Modeling Media intake”. TV time usually has the wife and/or kids either also watching or in the room tearing around so I usually shy away from the youtube modeling videos. However Luke Towan changed that (who I discovered on A Modelers Life). His videos are fantastic. I believe I already posted about his Wire Tree Tutorial, since then he’s posted a great video on making Realistic Hay Bales… seriously, I don’t have a modeling need for them right now but really want to make some. And most recently Tall Forest Pine Trees, which like the Wire Tree I definitely have ways to apply these techniques!

I found a set of videos called the Joy of Train Sets – History Of Model Railway through a facebook page I follow. As an anglophile it was right up my alley and was an enjoyable watch. It’s broken up in four parts, you can find Part 1 Here, Part 2 Here, Part 3 Here, and finally Part 4 Here.

4 thoughts on “More on Magazines, Podcasts, and Videos

  1. You found my favourite two model train podcasts – the excellent Model Railway Show and now A Modelers Life (with one “l”). I haven’t found any others that I care to listen to.. yet.

    1. I do enjoy The Model Railcast Show and Model Rail Radio but for different reasons. The Model Railcast Show, for me, is kind of a longer form Model Railway Show (shows tend to be more focused on one or two topics). Model Rail Radio has a lot of interesting stuff but the length and sheer number of topics makes it hard for me to get much out of it (because I’ve forgotten it by the time I’m done with the episode) but it makes a good podcast to listen too while at work because it blocks out the noise and the things I pick up are usually interesting…. and it makes the drudgery of work more tolerable 🙂

  2. Thanks for the shout-out, Matt.

    While you’re checking out British magazines, see if you can get your mitts on a copy of Model Railway Journal.


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