Simple Tool Fixes And Delayed Projects


I was working on a decoder install a couple of weekends ago and pulled my trusty multimeter (Ideal 61-312) to check my connections and that the frame was completely isolated. But alas it would not turn on. My first thought was the batteries were dead as I had purchase it somewhere around 8 years ago and have never replaced them. I popped some new ones in ready and turned it on and… nothing.

Long story short I open it and check fuses and all seems fine and I concede defeat. A trip to the hardware store for a new one (Sperry DM-6400) (and a detour to the landscaping supply company because it was a nice Saturday for shoveling 1500lbs of landscaping rock out of the back of my truck evidently) and the next day I’m finally finishing m planned progress (still waiting on LEDs to arrive).

WP_20160516_13_13_41_Pro (2).jpg

Fast forward a couple weeks and I’m thinking I should try to figure out what failed on my old meter before sending it off to the scrap heap and hey I have a new fancy multimeter to use use for the project. Some poking around and I find it’s just not geting any power but the batteries both checked out fine. More poking around the battery holder and there are no apparent shorts so I stock the batteries back in and nothing. Then I look really close and notice one of the batteries was just a hair away from the contact. Turns out the batteries had been dead and when I put the replacements in I hadn’t noticed one didn’t seat properly.



Now I’ve got a spare I guess.


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