Let there be light



I got a shipment of huge LEDs today (pictured with my novelty oversized quarter*) for a DCC install. Actually they are super tiny 0603 LEDs (and a normal sized quarter) that I got as a suggestion from Andy Dorsch over at Mascoutin Valley RR. I’m glad they are pre-wired because that would not be a fun task. I probably could have gotten a better picture if I pulled out my wife’s DSLR and done manual focusing as my phone just would not focus on the LED itself but it was just a quick shot.

*Seriously though, I would love to have a 6″ quarter just to make fun, and incorrect, comparison shots 🙂

5 thoughts on “Let there be light

  1. Man!! Those are small! I have a couple of those grain of rice lights and I am really happy that they also came pre-wired. My soldering skills are a bit umhh… in practise still 🙂

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