Scratch Built Flat Part 1

Project, Trains

A while back I started a flat car scratch building project I can’t at the moment where I got the plans for it but I’m building a 55’6″ Thrall flat car. I jumped into it several weeks ago but soon got frustrated with my work and I’m finally getting back to it.


As you can probably see my styrene cutting could use some help but I’m trying to not let that get me too much, if nothing else the second one I build should be better right?

4 thoughts on “Scratch Built Flat Part 1

  1. These are tricky shapes to cut out, Matt. The shallow concave angle will make the styrene want to tear when you score and snap it. If it needs to be as thick as that, you might try cutting the angled part all the way through.

    Keep it up! The only way to get better is by doing.

  2. Yeah, I was for the most part cutting the whole piece occasionally snapping if I was pretty far through. The instructions use much thinner styrene for subsequent steps and less complex cuts. However on step 4 or 5 I realized I was a little more than 0.15 inches short, or in other words more than 13 scale inches so these beams ended up being practice.

    I haven’t bought myself to scrap them yet, maybe for fun I’ll make a freelanced 54’5″ thrall flat car or something

  3. Hi Matt. Where did you source the drawings for the Thrall flatcar? Also, what era is appropriate for its operation? I’m looking to build a few in Proto48. Should be twice as easy, right? LOL



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