“Flex” Track


I mentioned almost a month ago getting some Micro Engineering Flex Track as a temporary track while I decided which way I was going to hand lay it. The idea being get it operational and then update sections of track removing the ME rail from the plastic ties and then hand laying it.

The operative word was flex, and I’d forgotten just how “flexible” ME Flex track is. I even tried the warm water trick, that made it flex easier but flexing one end would make the other end go crazy. I decided 5 minutes of futzing was all I was going to put up with and I made the decision I was just doing the non-tie plate handlaying. I’m still going to work at the P87 track but save that for future projects that have more of a display aspect to them (like a diorama or exhibition style layout).

I’m setting myself a new goal that hopefully gives me plenty of time in that I’ll have the track fully operational by January and there’ll at be at least one scratch built flat car. Why January? Well I made my first locomotive pre-order, a Scale Trains SD40-2 from the operator line. Since it’ll be ready to run… I should have somewhere ready to run it.

I’ve got a small kit on the way that I’m going to try doing a video of, if it goes well you should see that in the next couple of weeks. If it doesn’t go well… you won’t… 🙂

I’ve also been making some progress on the flat car build, occasionally I’ll post quick pics as they happen on the facebook page so check that out if you use Facebook. Otherwise a post is very likely to show up summarizing the recent work soon.

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