PDC Roadside Mobile Sign


Recently Bill Brillinger of Precision Design Co was on A Modeler’s Life (Episode 53). Mentioned on the episode was his 6×9 Roadside Mobile Sign, long story short now he has some A Modeler’s Life (AML) specific artwork available. He also has versions of it with text based on real signs and for an additional fee will do custom versions. Since I didn’t have anywhere planned out for it, and because they were funny I got the AML ones but the actual assembly is the same for all of them.


One thing that always throws me is how big it looks online compared to I get it. These things are small.


First step is to remove all the parts. The concrete pads have a paint tab to hold them all for painting so for now they get cut out as one piece. The sign itself also has a tab for painting.


All the parts cut out with a dime for scale, it’s small! While gluing the sides on together I needed a place to set the sign to hold it at the right angle while the glue dried. I happened to have my Raspberry Pi 3 sitting on my desk and found one of the heatsinks made a great stand.


Once I got to painting I found how genius the paint handles were. We should all applaud Bill on that idea, I guess if you are reading this at work you can wait till your at home, but I expect to hear some clapping 🙂

I used a soldering stand to hold the sign for painting which was very handy. I started with Vallejo (Unofficial sponsor of  Matt’s Railroad Blog… in that they don’t pay me anything and don’t know they are a sponsor.. I just love the products) Surface Primer Grey 73.601 and the main sign body Model Air Black 71.057. For the concrete feet I used Model Air Cement 71.131 over the primer. I happened to have this color as part of the weathered wood painting set and I think gave it a nice aged concrete look.


The last step was to cut the signs out you want and since they are decals (they are from Canada so you have to use the Canadian pronunciation of decals) and stick them on the sign. I touched them up a little bit with black paint where any white was showing from the edge of the decal paper (mostly because of my cutting or placement mistakes). I used black paint because I still had it out but a felt tip marker or other would also work. Just make sure the market matches the color of the sign body.

Here’s mine finished:



I still have one left to build, my plan was to build one as a practice and then film a build video. I might still do that, things weren’t going well with tripods and getting a good shot and lighting tonight so that might still happen but isn’t going to happen tonight.

As some reviewy type details, I didn’t time myself but I spent a decent amount of enjoyable time with it so for under $9 US that seems like a pretty good value. The kit itself is a little fiddly but only because of the size of the parts, not because of the design of the kit. You definitely have to take care of the legs because they are so small but the parts sprue is definitely designed to transport safely but easy to remove the parts safely when you want to. And to top it all off I got them in 2 days via USPS!

I could sum up my opinions of the kit as such, I look forward to building the next one and wouldn’t hesitate to get some more if a project needed it. For example, once I finalize the industries on my shelf layout I would be interested in getting one or more signs with industry specifc custom artwork.


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