Scratch Built Flat Part 3


I’m kind of behind in posting updates on my flat car build, things have been slowly chugging along. I was able to get the longitudinal and then secondary cross braces installed.


After that I got the sub deck installed (you can see my markings for stake pockets).


And in the most recent pictures I have the stake pockets cut out of the subdeck.


I’m currently working on the bolsters which has been to put it some what dramatically a nightmare. It’s kind of become a carving exercise to get them close enough as it’s fairly tricky cuts. I’m trying to figure out a way to do it better for the next one. A couple ideas include using a Silhoute Cameo machine to score some sheets of styrene (and then layering them to get the right thickness) or 3D printing. Definitely open to suggestions.

I was short a few supplies to finish (not counting paint or decals) so a trip to the hobby store was in order. I ended up picking up some brass wire (I’m not doing brake lines on the bottom but going to use it for brake wheel and cut levers), stirrups (already have plenty of grab irons), trucks, and deck wood. I’m not sure what paint scheme I want to go with, I’m currently leaning toward the grey and red CNW scheme.

The trucks I found are pretty cool, the scratch building instructions I have included a prototype photo which seem to be S-2 Barber trucks. I was about to purchase some Kadees when a set of Kato trucks grabbed my attention. Not only where they cheaper they have rotating bearing caps which is super cool. I put one cap on just for a demonstration video.

2 thoughts on “Scratch Built Flat Part 3

  1. I would go for 3D printing over laminating many layers from a cutter. However, since I have a cutter, I might attempt to build up the bolster as a box. This would be faster for me than waiting 10 days for a shipment from Shapeways.

    1. The current instructions have me laminating three pieces to get the right width but the silhouette would probably require thinner pieces and more layers but boxing could be interesting.

      As it is I don’t have much for thin sheet styrene (just strips) and my wife tells me the silhouette needs a new blade and mat so that’s probably not happening soon. I’ll probably try doing some 3D modeling and keep carving (And cursing) in the meantime 😀

      In a preview of what will probably be my next post I’ve had an epiphany that might make my next build easier

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