Weekend Update 20

Trains, Weekend Update

When I was last at the hobby shop I found a Walthers Heavy Duty Front End Loader kit (#933-3162 but not in the Walthers catalog, it appears Kibri #405-10756 is an updated version, the Walthers kit appears to be a rebranded Kibri kit anyway). I passed on it but thought it’d make a good flat car load. Once I got home I decided to find more details on it and found it wasn’t terribly easy find anymore (this was before I discovered it was available under the Kibri name now) so I picked one up online and put it together this weekend.


It was a fun build, probably took me about an hour of casual building time and is fairly well detailed. I’d definitely build this one again if I come across another at a good price.

I’ve been fairly busy lately, including preparing for a bunch of family to visit this week. This has required some heavy cleaning of the garage which has the positive advantage of cleaning my garage workbench off so once the family visit is done it’ll be clean enough to use it to try and get my airbrush working again.

I’ve also been doing some thinking on my scratch build flat car project, I think I have some ideas on improving the build process for the next one I build. I’ll probably have a post on that… when I have time to write it.

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