Some interesting paint stripping results


As a fun side note the original title was “an interesting experience with a stripper” but thought that might imply something less appropriate.

Stripping paint of a model has always been something that I’ve been scared to try and accrued a collection of failed painting projects. As I mentioned a couple weeks ago I had my first stripping project of my speeder project. This emboldened me to try some other projects which has led to some interesting results as all of these were done using Purple Power degreaser.

Accurail box car I had painted part of it and tried and failed to weather returned to basically out of box condition. With the exception of a few hard to access nooks and crannies my paint is all gone including weathering but the CNW yellow is all there and I couldn’t even srub the decals off. I guess the plus side here is that I can just restart from where I started last time.

Bachmann gondola (cheapish one from trainset). This was a very early painting project when I got back into model railroading as an adult. I used cheap craft quality acrylics and it looked pretty good from a few feet a way but needed a change. It was originally BN and I just painted over decals. When pulled it out of the stripper you could clearly see a clean BN logo in green surrounded by the acrylic paint I had used. Basically the decals came off and took the acrylic with it like a mask. Some scrubbing with an old toothbrush and it cleaned right up to it’s original green with no decals

Bachmann flat car (silver series line) this one was painted the same as the gondola, but even with scrubbing some of the decals stayed.

At this point I found it interesting that the Accurail and newer Bachmann decals were quite a bit tougher than the earlier Bachmann decals. But what’s really interesting is what’s next…

Three identical Athearn blue box hoppers from the same era with the same paints scheme walk into a bar… I mean tub of stripper… and one comes out completely different. They were all three in for the exact same amount of time but two came out in the grey they went in as but the decals had gone monochrome and most of them scrubbed off pretty easily. Number three came out as raw black plastic.

I can only assume there is some difference in the life of this item that caused this result as all three were in the same tub but it made me chuckle a little! Another way to look at it I’ve got some up coming painting projects. I’ve been working on my airbrushing technique and I think I’m getting closer to being a little more consistant so hopefully some posts on that will be coming up soon.


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