Some Fall Cleaning


I’m afraid this is another post without pictures (sorry about that). Life has been slowly encroaching on the model railroad room for a while. This has caused some cleaning and organizing which has been good but slow. Push came to shove so to speak recently and as a result I’ve had to do some additional purging which is for the good but not neccesarily easy as I’ve started dismantling my free-mo modules. Deep down I expected I’d do this but part of me was holding on to the idea that I might resurrect it one day. I have been able to salvage some parts (mostly rail and turnouts) so it’s not a full loss.

On a more positive side I’ve been able to link some of my cleaning efforts with paint stripping efforts (as I’ve previously mentioned). This has moved a big stack of my projects from the someday maybe column to the “This has started happening” column which is good. As a preview I’ve got a flat car project (not the scratch build, a cheapish Bachmann RTR) that I have already painted the deck for. It just needs a new paint job and as I’ve just stripped off the old paint job it seems prime for doing. I decided this one will have some whimsey and become a free-lance railroad or leasing company paint scheme.

I’ve also got some hoppers that will be likely be painted up in BN green and ATSF dark red to mimic the hoppers that are commonly found delivering bentonite to the DMIR for pellet making. While tearing apart an old project for the scrap heap is never fun, freeing up some space and focusing on fun projects does help a little.


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