Vallejo Metal Color Testing


Over on my other blog about building model cars with my sons I have a post about doing a test on Vallejo Metal Color paints (you can find it here: My intent was twofold, first test them for the GMC truck we are building, and second test them for use on trains.

With the aluminum color I was looking to do box car roofs, and had one masked up and ready to go.


This is an accurail kit that I made a bit of a mess of attempting to weather last year. I had removed the roof walk and plugged the holes but this car (according to my CNW expert) was more likely to have a bare metal roof in the era I’m trying to reproduce and I figured the aluminum color just might give me the look I was going for.


The picture hardly does it justice but it just nailed it in my opinion. The black gloss primer that is part of the line really gives the color more depth. Now I just have to figure out what to do with the rest of the car, the remnants of weathering are kind of letting the roof down at the moment. Not sure if I’m going to respray and re-decal it or just re-paint the ends and re-weather it to try and cover up the existing weathering

I’m intrigued with the steel color too, I was having a hard time getting a good representive picture with my phone but I think it might make a good base “new” color for trucks as a good weathering base since it’s not quite black and has that mettalic look to it. I’ll probably do some more experimentation with that


2 thoughts on “Vallejo Metal Color Testing

    1. Yep, and I checked my masking after trying to airbrush the ends black last night and found it didn’t hold up. The week point was the grab irons on the left side of the pic in the post as the tape didn’t stick tight around them.

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