The Good, the Bad, and the Masking Tape


This post has taken a little longer than usual for a number of reasons part of which is getting a new to me camera. I upgraded my wife’s camera as she has been doing some professional photography which is super cool. So while she gets a nice Nikon D5300 (which I will totally be borrowing for video) I’m getting her old D3000 (which unfortunately doesn’t do video) and whatever lenses she isn’t using. So I took the pictures it which is set to capture in raw format which led me down the road of conversions and photo editing so now I’m learning photography (beyond point and shoot) and photoshop elements. If anyone knows of any good online guides for either I’d greatly appreciate if you could share them in the comments.

Now on to the good, one of my painting projects has been a gondola I had re-painted in my early days of model railroading using craft paints. The interest in the paint job wasn’t there anymore and the cheap paint was obvious. So I stripped it and decided to paint it BN green (which ironically it started life as). I used the recipe in the recent MRH acrylic painting guide (The link is for the paperback version, on that page is a link to get it as a free eBook).


I think the color turned out well so that was a very positive note. Having a little time to do some airbrushing I decided to get a few projects ready and get a couple done in one fell swoop.

One of those projects was the CNW boxcar from my last post, fresh off the success of the roof painting I was optimistic, all I had to do was paint the ends black. so I taped it up so I wouldn’t have any overspray to mess things up.


Lots of tape with some small Tamiya masking tape at the end (in yellow) for the fiddly bits at the end. Now if you look really close on the left side where there is the two grab irons you can probably guess what happened next…


The other side is vertually identical, the other end of the car has a ladder and that ended up fine. What happened is the didn’t stick tightly enough to the grap irons and the lip on the bottom and seeped in. I’m not sure how I’m going to fix it, the roof will be easy enough to touch up but I’m not sure if it’d be possible to remove the black paint without taking out the lettering. I suppose could try to cover it with heavy rust and try to re-letter and number it as a patch job or I could try to find an appropriate yellow and a set of decals.

Or I could put it in the box of messed up projects that I’ll try to fix some other time and work on something else for a while.

6 thoughts on “The Good, the Bad, and the Masking Tape

  1. Oh, by the way boost your F-stop way up when you’re shooting model photos. F32 or higher if you’ve got it. Also, stay away from telephoto (long) lenses unless you’re looking for a special effect. Normal is best.

    1. Not sure how high mine will go. Will have to do some experimenting.

      Right now my readily available are the standard Nikon kit lens at 18-55mm, and a 50mm because my wife doesn’t really use them. She also has a telephoto of some sort (which obviously isn’t relevant for model shots) and a 35mm that I might be able to sneak away with when she isn’t looking. So far the 18-55mm has been the easiest to get up close with things

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