Rust and Steel


I recently picked up the Vallejo Rust and Steel Paint.


The set comes with some paints, a wash, a rust colored pigment powder for texture and two nice brushes (one for drybrushing, the other for working with the pigment).

For my first test I picked the plow piece from my jordan spreader kit because I won’t actually be using it (replacing it with a Custom Finishing part that matches the DMIR prototype I’m replicating) so it’s a piece that has some detail but if I totally mess it up is no loss.


I’m not sure I’m 100% happy with it in this state but I’m also going to try using a chipping medium to mimic chipped paint (doesn’t come with the rust and steel set) so I think it’ll look better once that’s done.


When I was doing my metallic color testing a couple weeks ago I got an idea to try using the mettalic steel as a base color for trucks and I liked the result (bottom truck). The camera makes it appear more slivery that it really is, in person it really has an unfinished steel look to it. The top truck has the same base paint but has the Rust and Steel set’s instructions applied to it (except the pigment for texture). I am very happy with out it turned out so I did the trucks pictured above (which are for a bachmann flat car that’s been in the project box a while) and the trucks for the BN gondola I posted last week.


Dime for scale and added value

The flat car top was painted with the Vallejo Old and New Wood set back March ( though most of the pictures were of the pulpwood car. I finally got that flat car stripped and painted. I’ll probably letter it for a custom railroad but the paint scheme was a color test for a future project. If you look closely the flat car wheels are weathered but not the gondola because I tried using same method but it just didn’t work well (thought it doesn’t look too bad in the shadows of a cell phone camera picture)


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