British Invasion?



Is Sodor a British island? This doesn’t signal a change in modeling prototype (as much as I’d like to do a UK prototype… someday), just some trains for my littlest guy David who really really likes trains and Thomas the Tank engine. I found this as a good deal on eBay… finally arrived and found it might not have been the best deal as the couplers all need replacing and I’m going to need to work on the electrical pickup a bit.

3 thoughts on “British Invasion?

  1. I was amazed at how well our Thomas and Percy ran (and run today). Really robust little toys.

    Occasionally, I feel tempted to do a prototype layout based on Thomas. I’d have to re-gauge to P4, of course. Sadly, although there are loads of pictures, there is little real data.

    1. I’ve been impressed with other Thomas Bachmann models but this set could use a little TLC. If you put it on it’s right side all wheels will have electric pickup, if you lay it on it’s left side only the right does. Should be easy enough to fix once I get it apart. The ebay listing also noted new couplings had been installed… but only two of them are complete enough to make connections.

      I have actually been mulling using Thomas gear as a starter equipment for a UK themed micro layout as it’s much easier to find in North America and the rolling stock without faces would be easy enough to weather to remove the toy look. I’m just not sure what the actual scale is since Bachmann usually marks them as HO/OO but it seems unlikely that they are both 1/87 and 1/76. Then again maybe I should work on wrapping up some of my other projects before starting another one 🙂

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