Test Wheels



I’ve been looking for a good way to weather wheels that works for me and today I tried the texture method in the Rust and Steel paint set I recently blogged about. Basically it’s put down a sephia wash (73.200) and sprinkle a pigmet powder (73.108) over it and use a stiff brush to move it around. It’s a fine line between too much wash and turning it into paint and losing the texture.

To make it stick better I put down a coat of black gloss surface primer and then metallic steel. I like how it turned out for the most part but not entirely sold on it yet. I think I’ll do more testing on it with some of my bragdown powders to see if a different color speaks to be better. Also going to have to weather that boxcar (it’s a ScaleTrains boxcar) now that the trucks and wheels are all weathered up!


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