Weekend Update 22

Trains, Weekend Update

Despite having a holiday weekend, and the kids at the grandparents for a whole week I got basically no modeling done this last week. But it was nice today  (40F) so I set up the space heater in the garage for a while and pulled out the pliobond (which has a very strong odor which is why it was in the garage) and put glued down a rail.


It went pretty well hopefully it bonds well. I realized after I put everything out I should have included a reference object like a Dime as I recently took a tie with tie places to work to show an interested coworker and he was blown away with how small it was since all my posted pictures are quite zoomed in. I got a couple spikes in too but I can’t tell if they are far enough down. I suspect the one on the fourth from right tie isn’t down tight. These spikes were ones I’d already painted so I had a little more contrast putting them in.

3 thoughts on “Weekend Update 22

    1. It’s definitely a completely different ballgame with the tie plates and the P87 spikes. The holes in the tie plates are so small and unmagnified I start having trouble distinguishing between the etched out spike heads and the holes for the spikes

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