Goals Follow up December 2016


My goals post was a bigger hit than I expected so I thought I’d revist it a month later to see what happened and update the goals for next month. So first a bit of a retrospective.

November Short Term Goals

  • Restart Proto87 track fro the speeder shed diorama. I gave up in frustration back in March, time to take another stab
    • Status: I was able to restart this and have some success
  • Finish decoder install in my SW1 project (mostly add lights and close it up)
    • Status: didn’t touch this at all (all of the dust that was on it Nov 1 is still there plus any new dust)
  • Resume work on scratch built flat car
    • Status: was able to get the bolsters flattened out so it actually rides flat and got grab irons installed. I still need to get the stirrup steps done, brake gear, coupler pockets, and decking.
  • Get laid track on shelf layout wired up. I’ve got some track and turnouts down but nothing wired so I can’t even run stuff back and forth
    • Status: unfortunately not only did nothing happen but more stuff has been piled on top of it
  • Continue rust and chipping medium tests
    • Status: been making occasional steps on this, really this need to be airbrushed and since I do that in the garage and it’s cold out this probably realistically isn’t happening till spring
  • Make a pulpwood load for my pulpwood flat car
    • Status: nope

So with that out of the way what are my December goals and how can I improve them? Some of my goals were too vague, and probably too optimistic for the time of year. My December goals are probably still a little too optimistic on time but they are more specific which hopefully makes them a little more achievable.

December Goals

  • Finish enough track for the speeder shed diorama (If I’m honest I doubt I’ll finish, but being optimistic)
  • Finish decoder install in my SW1 project
  • Flat car: install brake gear
  • Flat car: install coupler pockets
  • Flat car: finish deck planks
  • Clean junk off layout
  • Start feeders on layout
  • Restart track laying on layout
  • Have fun


2 thoughts on “Goals Follow up December 2016

  1. That last goal is the most important! 😉

    I think it’s a good idea to set goals… otherwise it’s too easy to put things off. I know it’s supposed to be just for fun but part of the fun is actually accomplishing something. Setting goals helps you do that.

    1. I probably wouldn’t have gotten anything done last month with how busy it was without some basic goals because everything I did do has been in the “eh, I’ll do it later” pile and the motivation for most of what I did was not because I particularly wanted to work on the project but because I wanted to work on the goal.

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