More small bits



This afternoon I was able to finish the last of the small bits with the addition of stirrups and brake wheel. Aside from the decking this is probably the last details I’m going to add for now at least. I’ve been looking at the magnetic brake hoses so that might happen further down the road.


With the details I definitely want to airbrush this but with a cold front upon us and not much free weekend time I don’t for see it happening anytime soon (since I’d need to try and heat up my garage with a space heater) but on the flip side it’s only the 5th and I’ve knocked off two items from my goal list so rather than stalling on projects I should just focus on other things like getting some track running or getting the SW1 switcher running. Wouldn’t that be a great goal update picture… flat car tasks finished, switcher tasks finished, and running on powered track 🙂


One last note, on my other blog that isn’t train related Newmans Model Building my oldest son and I have started assembly on our GMC Pickup project. If you are interested in following along that post can be found here: Building an Engine Part 1

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