Getting Wired!


I’ve managed to make a bit of progress over the last several days, with a few moments here and there of stolen time I’ve managed to get every stretch of laid track at least temporarily wired up. By temporarily I mean the stretches of flex track that I’ll re-lay later have feeders soldered to rail joiners not the rail itself. The idea being I’ll solder directly to the rail when I permanently install it. The turnouts are soldered in more permanently as they are (hopefully) not going anywhere.

This means I have ten whole feet of straight track I can run a train up and down on… and no alligator clips in sight (seriously if you find them let me know, they’ve gone missing). I was thinking about getting the RaspberryPI and JMRI up and running but realized that power strip I bought specifically to power the Digitrax command station, PR3, and Raspberry PI seems to have found a new job somewhere and little “helpers” had found me so laying more track was out so hey why not blog about it.

At this point you are probably expecting a picture or even video of a train under power but things are a mess of tools and bits of wire so maybe next time.

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