On Slowing Down



I’ve got some time off this week and got a number of projects I want to work on including the above department of defense flat car (in reality it’s far more completed than that picture but the most recent pic is still in RAW format on my camera). It’s a project I’m particularly excited about and I’ve made an incredible amount of progress but I reached a point this afternoon where I realized I was starting to rush and worse get sloppy.

Does anyone else ever have this happen? It reminded me of “Have you ever smashed a model” which was posted yesterday and I read this morning and perhaps having it marinating in the back of my head prompted me to stop. I can say I’ve never directly smashed a model yet. You may be wondering “what does he mean by directly?”. What usually happens to me is an over the top frustration project goes in a box of “maybe someday I’ll figure out how to fix this” which is filled with various other dead projects and I don’t mean packed nicely… just shoved in and inevitably enough damage occurs in that box that it becomes unsalvageable.

I’ve still got the rest of the week off so you might still see a post on the DODX flat car but in the mean time I’m still keeping myself busy with some track laying, I might even be able to get all the track down at least provisionally by the end of the week too!

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