Goals Follow up January 2017


December Goals

  • Finish enough track for the speeder shed diorama (If I’m honest I doubt I’ll finish, but being optimistic)
    • I got enough ties done in Tie Plates Everywhere but it’s been too cold for me to be interested in working in the garage where I put down the pliobond because of the fumes
  • Finish decoder install in my SW1 project
    • This was something I was actively working on and then part of the universal joint broke in Weekend Update 24 so that has stalled
  • Flat car: install brake gear
  • Flat car: install coupler boxes
  • Flat car: finish deck planks
    • I had fun with the naming on the post I finished this… Got Wood
  • Clean junk off layout
    • I’ve achieved that a couple times in December but it comes and goes based on what I’m working on… the important bit is that I have had areas clean enough to actually lay track
  • Start feeders on layout
    • I started on this in Getting Wired and have maintained good pace as I lay more track
  • Restart track laying on layout
    • Don’t have a definitive post on this but as I write this (which is a few days before it’ll be posted) I am working on the last two sidings and everything will be provisionally in (by provisionally I have some sections that are flex tracked that will be switched to hand laid later)
  • Have fun
    • I definitely have had moments of frustration but feel like I’ve definitely had success here. I’ve been able to run a few trains back and form, I got to play with Sergent Couplers which was a blast and started a really cool Department of Defense flat car project.

Overall I think I went above and beyond what I had expected for December meeting all but two of my goals (one due to unforeseeable problems, and one due to weather). My January goal list is a little bit shorter as I anticipate I’ll be generally busier in January and don’t want to follow up a good productive month with burnout

January Goals

  • If it gets warm enough work on speeder shed track
  • Finish track laying/feeders
  • Figure out operations for shelf layout
  • Start working figuring out basic scenery/building mockups
  • Have fun

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