Track done… mostly



I just finished up the last of the track work* just need to finish up the wiring. I figured rather than try to take a bunch of pictures of the track I’d wait till I get it all wired up (and the debris trail of ties, spikes and tools picked up) I’ll shoot a little video walk through.

As a bit of an observation I oddly found myself dragging my feet a little bit on the last stretch. Perhaps my subconscious being nervous about the next step (scenery) as it’s an area I don’t normally get to in my model railroading projects and I’ve never done winter before.

Ideally I’d be installing the backdrop and the top (which will just be a shelf with a small valence) but it’s been cold dipping below -12F/-24C so I’m not even bothering with saws out in my uninsulated garage so for now I’ll just start working on basic land flow, figure out what the basics of the buildings, and operations.

* There is still some track work to do and I might revisit sections that are using flex track but it’s done in the sense that if the feeders were all hooked up a train could run everywhere my plan calls for it

8 thoughts on “Track done… mostly

  1. Nothing wrong with some house bound wood work, just make sure you send the Mrs out for a long time! Matt if you can get a book from Wild Swan over here called Modelling Grassland and Landscape Detailing by Gordon Gravett it really helped me get my head around scenics, I did not copy it exactly but it helped me understand what to look at and what I wanted to achieve. Its quite expensive but its a book you will treasure for an eternity.

    1. My “train room” is a corner of the homeschooling room so maneuvering large sheets of wood would be difficult and would be hard to clean up…. And I’d probably be murdered.

      I’ll keep an eye out for that book!

    2. Quick check on Amazon has it listed for between $200 and 850 USD… My wife and I are planning on a trip to the UK next fall (September 2018) maybe it’ll be easier to find then

      1. Or I will buy it and post it? If I wrap it as a gift it should avoid tax? Its well worth it as you can see by those prices!!!!!

  2. Congratulations on the milestone Matt.

    Boy can I ever appreciate the cold garage. I don’t have a proper workshop either so, especially for bigger tools, it’s a matter of working outside. Especially this time of year, sometimes you really have to want that cut to make it all happen. Mind you, saw dust against a backdrop of freshly fallen snow can be pretty. Depending on how much you need cut, most home improvement stores have a cut service in the store for no or very minimal cost. That might be a way forward.


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