Keeping Busy


Things have been a little quiet on the blog lately not because I have a shortage of projects but because of a shortage of time and a bit of a mess. My train room/home office for the last couple years has been more homeschooling room than train room/home office. With my youngest David getting older he’s moved out of the crib and into the lower bunk of bunk beds this has opened up the previous homeschooling room back up which means aside from some storage the train room/home office is now a train room/home office but an unholy mess from moving stuff around.

In the meantime here are some teasers for upcoming projects

  • Parts from NWSL have arrived for fixing Soo 320 (EMD SW1) and it’s broken horned ball. Also have parts to replace the plastic tube drive that connects the rear truck. BN 97 will also be getting this upgrade
  • Soo 32o is also scheduled for decoder and lights.
  • DMIR 216 (EMD SD38AC) is in the shop for a decoder upgrade (sound), lights (maybe even ditch lights), and some general tune up.
  • Track is almost finished with wiring, still planning on doing a video tour when it’s done.
  • Track work continues on the speeder shed diorama
  • Testing of some strip lighting has commenced
  • I’ve got a new book from the other side of the pond on scenery

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