Shelf Layout Track Done… again…


Earlier this week I got the last of the feeders hooked up which meant track and wiring was done. Then I was cleaning things up with the intent of doing a layout tour video and had a point break free of the throw bar. No biggie, grab the soldering iron and reattach it easy peasy. While I’m at it I think I should figure out why cars always derail through the last turnout I installed, should be easy…


The above picture is after I removed all the spikes and wood ties, unsoldered the feeders, unsoldered the throw bar, and it from the layout, filed down the stock rail and started re-installation.

For interested parties the problem was I had not filed enough out of the stock rail on the straight piece so the gauge was just a tiny bit too tight when the wheels first hit the points. The front truck of a car would roll through but without fail the second one would hop the points. This was a turnout I built a couple years ago when I had borrowed a fast tracks fixture from a friend. I made a couple extra left and rights until I had used up the last of my supplies while I had the jig so this one never got tested.

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