Modelling Reads


A while back a commentor suggested the book Modelling Grassland and Landscape Detailing by Gordon Gravett (Was either Chris or Oly from The Model Railways of Oly Turner and Chris Matthews which also is a good blog but I’m not sure which one was commenting).


I managed to find a British retailer that would ship to the states for a good price as the prevailing Amazon price was kind of ridiculous. I’m not really the review type but I found it to be a very inspirational read. Enough so that I kinda wanted to replace my snowy city US based layout with a British country/grassland layout. I’ve resisted.. but future dioramas or projects may end up having a little more grass! (and by may I mean definitely will)


Another book I’ve just started reading is by Rene Gourley of Prembroke:87, “Building an HO steam locomotive in brass and styrene”. So far it’s been a good read, looking forward to getting further into it.



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